The Seven-Point Mind Transformation (Lojong) with Geshe Samdup

In our upcoming series of teachings, we will be studying The Seven-Point Mind Transformation (Lojong) which was written by Kadampa Geshe Chekhawa Yeshe Dorje in the 12th century in Tibet. 

Lojong is mind training or thought transformation practice. It is a practice of looking deep into our being in order to uncover the root of all our suffering and gradually undo the causes of our suffering by simply changing our mind. The main subject of mind training practice is the reorientation of our basic attitude toward ourselves, other sentient beings, as well as the events around us. Often we tend to cherish ourselves while neglecting the welfare of others. The mind training teachings challenge us to reverse this way of thinking in a way which allows us to experience happiness and inner peace. 

At the heart of the Seven-Point Mind Training lies the idea that the circumstances that life brings us, however difficult, are the raw material from which we create our own spiritual path and transformation. The central theme of the Seven-Point Mind Training is to make the liberating shift from the constricting solitude of self-centeredness to the warm kinship with others which occurs with the cultivation of cherishing others. This mind training is especially well-suited for those with a busy life. It helps us to reexamine our relationships—to family, friends, enemies, and strangers—and gradually transform our responses to whatever life throws our way. 

The Seven-Point Mind Transformation are:

  1. Explaining the preliminaries as a basis for the practice
  2. Training in the awakening mind
  3. Transforming adverse circumstances into the path to enlightenment
  4. The integrated practice of a single lifetime
  5. The measure of having trained the mind
  6. The commitments of mind training
  7. The precepts of mind training

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